Who is the best Zeri player in professional League of Legends?

Who is the best Zeri player in professional League of Legends? ...

Zeri is arguably the most influential League of Legends champion in the world this summer. From dominating game balance discussions to ones about her impact on the professional stage, Zeris's status as a champion has been a hot topic among the League community since her announcement earlier this year.

According to League statistics site Games of Legends, Zeri has had a major influence on the League meta at the highest level for so long. In four consecutive patches, she has seen her presence rate jump up to over 90 percent.

Zeri has been a major factor in almost every pro draft this summer, which has forced pro AD carries to not only add Zeri to their arsenal, but also do everything in their power to perfect the champion. And while almost every pro AD carry across the world has played at least one game with Leagues' latest meta-breaker, a handful of pros across the globe stand head-and-shoulders above all others.

Here are four of the best Zeri players whose spark blazed the most in the pro Leagues these Summer Split.

LEC: Upset

Upset is one of the world's scariest Zeri players. There are few players who can utilize their skills to put a game on their back like he does. In two intense, come-from-behind games, Fnatic would have missed the LEC/EU LCS playoffs for the first time in the 10-year history of the franchise and the league.

Upset had other ideas. He threw Fnatic over his shoulder and guided them to the postseason virtually solo. With Zeri in his 51-minute thriller against Vitality on Aug. 13, Upset finished with a final scoreline of 14/1/1.

UPSET pic.twitter.com/nosNl6xp4q

What sets Upset apart from Zeri in the late game is his practically unrivaled skill. Eighteen of his 36 kills with the champion have gone past the 25-minute mark, and there are fewer players who excel in the late game like Upset.

LCS: Danny

Danny shines brightest when he is allowed to freely run around a teamfight, jumping from target to target and then bursting them down before he moves on to his next victim. Later in the year, Jinx used Jinx's Get Excited! (P) to raid teams en route to an LCS championship, yet Danny is still executing his controlled chaos style of play with Zeri.

Danny led the LCS in multi-kills with nine doubles, three triples, and one quadra this summer. His only quadra kill in the split was against Zeri this past weekend in his fourth such game of the season against the Golden Guardians.

Danny has won 11 games against Zeri this season, ranking him as the best player in his pool with which he has played at least 10 games on the professional stage.

LCK: Ruler

Gen.Gs Ruler has hit his stride this summer, and he is still very much in his prime. A major reason why he ascended over the rest of Korea's crowded AD carries this summer was his ability to play the most influential positions better than anyone else.

Zeri was Rulers' most-played champion this summer. He picked the Spark of Zaun eight times, winning six games with her. According to Games of Legends, Ruler's 10.3 KDA with the champion this summer was the best among all major region Zeri players with at least six games on the champion. On July 30, Ruler scored a pentakill with Zeri against T1 in a pivotal week seven match, extending his lead in the standings.

THE PENTAMAN BEGINS IT!!! @RulereluR for PENTAKILL!! #LCK pic.twitter.com/k0mQNtDJAZ

This summer, the pentakill served as the epicenter of Rulers Zeri's dominance and demonstrated that he is still capable of producing the clutch play his team requires, no matter which champion is most prevalent in the meta.

LPL: Huanfeng

Huanfeng has maintained his reputation as a playmaker since he was introduced to the pro League back in 2020. Zeri has given Huanfeng the opportunity to improve to his skill ceiling, and if the champion isnt banned against him, Weibo Gaming is extremely likely to add a win total.

Huanfeng is the closest player to perfection when it comes to Zeri this summer. According to League stats website Oracles Elixir, he hasnt lost or died in four games.

Weibo Gaming would have to finish in the top three or four in the Summer Split playoffs to have a shot at a place in the LPL Regional Finals. Huanfengs Zeri might be the catalyst that gets them there.