In Apex Legends, why do players use Bald Wraith?

In Apex Legends, why do players use Bald Wraith? ...

Wraith mains are usually discussed in Apex Legends for a long time: hot dropping in Fragment East Wraith mains, leaving the game as soon as they were defeated, TTV in the name Wraith mains, and bald skin-using Wraith mains.

The Bald Wraith is a popular Legendary skin that features Wraith with a shaved head and a suit that Wraith wears less like a normal flight suit than Apex Legends Status. Final Sunset, Vengeance Seeker, and Flashpoint are the most popular Wraith skins at the time of writing, while Apex Legends Status ranks the game's ninth, 10th, and 14th.

What's the deal with these skins? Why are they so popular, and why do Wraith mains seem to gravitate so heavily toward base Legendaries and their recolors, compared to many unique Legendaries introduced in events over the years?

Why do so many players use Bald Wraith skins?

The primary reason why so many players prefer the Bald Wraith is because people like their designs. Most Wraith skins have sleek lines that complement Wraiths reputation as a slippery character and a favorite of players who like to show off their movements. The Bald Wraith skins, on the other hand, have a more aggressive and intimidating appearance, similar to Wraith's previous experiences in a RE testing facility.

The Bald Wraith skins are supposed to represent the best Wraith players, those who want you to dislike them. The use of the skin may also be an attempt to emulate famous Wraith players, such as TSMs ImperialHal.

Wraith main part 2

Hal was synonymous with Wraith before meta changes took Wraith out of the pro Apex game. And, if you were to choose to play in tournaments, chances are Hal was using one of the Bald Wraith skins. It emphasized seriousness, power, and a player you wanted to avoid.

The Bald Wraith skins are also popular because the base Legendary Wraith skins were once the rarest Wraith skins in the game. The recolors took the Wraiths straitjacket look and altered the color of the jacket, pants, and hair stubble to make the skin appear more like an intentionally cool appearance than a person who just escaped an asylum.

Between its release in June 2019 and its return almost two years later in March 2021, Flashpoint has returned only once more, in November 2021. Final Sunset followed a similar pattern, being introduced in December 2019 and returning only two times, in March 2021 and March 2022.

Both Flashpoint and Final Sunset became status symbols for Wraith players due to the long periods of time they were unavailable for players to acquire. Only players who were still playing in the games for the first year of their existence were able to acquire them quickly and equip them, leading to the present state of the game where close to 20% of the Wraiths you see in Apex have a Bald Wraith skin.

Ob it's for you to scare your opponents, be like one of your favorite players, or simply because you like the skin, Bald Wraith will likely be the preferred skin for Wraith mains everywhere.