Nisqy, Zanzarah, Bwipo, and Dhokla discuss the Most Improved Player award, the best reps for EU and NA at Worlds 2022, and more

Nisqy, Zanzarah, Bwipo, and Dhokla discuss the Most Improved Player award, the best reps for EU and  ...

The League of Legends season has been a tumultuous summer for the league's elite teams, with the regular season winding down to the wire for several teams and their chances at postseason glory. Only the best will stand at the top of their respective leagues, and the battle will begin soon.

As the playoffs get underway, things are just starting to heat up in North America and Europe. From superteams looking to win a trophy to crowd favorites calling on the power of fandom to underdog teams seeking to establish themselves. there are plenty of plots to keep an eye on throughout the month.

Dot Esports spoke with MAD Lions heavy MVP candidate Nisqy, Misfits Gamings energetic jungler Zanzarah, Team Liquids outspoken top laner Bwipo, and CLG newcomer Dhokla on a few topics throughout the previous regular season.

Which team surprised you the most this season, in a good or bad sense?

Excel is the team that surprised me the most was because they were so good in the beginning but then theyve been so awful in the last few weeks. I thought they would be, for sure, the number one team in the EU, but they just lacked confidence. I thought their bottom lane was like the best in EU for a while, and I feel like they have also been humbling.

Zanzarah: I thought, after the first week, Excel would be the team that fights G2 for the first spot, but their Korea buff vanished pretty quickly. I mean, Vitality wasnt there, but [Excel] were on the verge of not making it, so yeah, it was a surprise.

Bwipo: None. Sorry to say, but nothing comes to mind. I mean, CLG played finely, but I dont think theyre as good as the record shows. I think CLG is like Team Liquid Light in that sense, because I think they are similar to us. [That] is not to say that any team can't come back and win, but that's why Im not too surprised by any team.

Dhokla: I think we kind of surprised ourselves. I mean, I had expectations that we would do well, but we had not had that much success, so Im pleasantly surprised by that. Another team would be FlyQuest, if you can believe theyre doing better than people would think. Im not going to say 100 Thieves, all those ones that are expected to do well, but I think FlyQuest and [CLG] definitely surprised a lot of people.

Which player from your own region do you think might be awarded a Most Improved Player award in 2022?

Nisqy: I think there was one player that was shining [this season]. Markoon has to be credited for making an impact. This guy has been a great asset this season, and he has huge improvements over the last.

Irrelevant is my teammate's first choice. We played the first weeks of Academy with him, and lets put it this way: not the best. He told me what he was struggling with, and I was able to cover him with teamplay, so he began shining much more. He was able to just focus on himself, getting leads, and Im proud because normally rookies, they just drop out completely.

Contractz. I think he deserves it. I mean, his Spring Split was horrible, so the fact that he played anywhere half decent in summer is already a lot. He actually played pretty well in some gamesnot to say that he didnt have his moments when things went wrong. However, I think that, on the whole, he had a much better split.

Dhokla: I would say myself, either relative to how I started this year, or how I was actually doing on my last game in Academy. I mean, maybe it's a bit biased, but I felt like I've improved a lot over the course of this year. No bias, but I think it's me. Im gonna have to give it to myself.

Which other teams do you think would be the best representatives for your region at Worlds 2022 other than your own?

Nisqy: Id say G2, but after G2, it's probably between Rogue, Vitality, or Fnatic, depending on whether Fnatic makes it, but I'd say probably Rogue. Then after Rogue, it's Vitality or Fnatic. Excel, although it's still a work in progress, Id say G2.

(Note: This interview took place before the final week of the 2022 LEC Summer Split.)

Zanzarah: G2, for sure, then MAD Lions, 100 percent. And then there's a big question [with] who's gonna be third because there's Rogue and there's Fnatic. Both teams are good in terms of how they can play. I feel like sometimes they're lucky and they win the game, but sometimes they're unlucky and they lose the game.

I feel like these teams have a different style. They just learn to play everything, and because of that, they dont play anything good. One of them that can properly do research and thoroughly examine other opponentsparticularly into their playstylewill most likely go, but its difficult to say Rogue or Fnatic.

Bwipo: EG and 100 Thieves. It's hard to say anything else. I think CLG will have the necessary strength to rise above the challenges that Worlds will present, and that's it. Even if I say so myself, it's a bit depressing because I'm unable to set high expectations for NA at Worlds this year.

Dhokla: I think it's gonna be EG and probably 100 Thieves. It really depends. I think EG is almost cemented into going to World Cup. I think they're just the clear favorites, but that's what playoffs are for, to determine which ones are best. I like being the underdog because it feels less pressure on you and you're more likely to prove people wrong.

Fans can see Bwipo and Dhokla in action during the 2022 LCS Championship on Saturday, August 20, while Nisqy and Zanzarah will take the stage during the 2022 LEC Summer Split playoffs on Friday, August 26.