Ludwig discusses difficulties in copying the xQcs stream

Ludwig discusses difficulties in copying the xQcs stream ...

Ludwig performed a seven-hour broadcast on Thursday, imitating renowned Twitch streamer xQc. And in a podcast interview earlier today, the YouTuber reveals the process that went into making this hilarious video a reality.

Ludwig is one of YouTube's most popular livestreamers for a reason. Whether it's a live Mogul Money in front of thousands of followers or a live stream where viewers get to shoot him with a paintball rifle, the 27-year-old is constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to entertain his loyal viewers. And this is exactly what he did on August 15.

Ludwig says he scoured for xQc, one of Twitch's most popular content creators, after seeing the hit new HBO Max show The Rehearsal. The star had an empty room renovated in his house that was renovated to resemble xQcs, and asked a friend to explain everything the Twitch star did during a live broadcast.

During the latest episode of The Yard, a podcast he hosts with his three roommates, he was going to tell me what xQc was doing for the whole of his stream, and I was going to copy it, to copy what the best does.

Because xQc had planned to play Among Us with some of his friends at 2pm PT on Aug. 15, Ludwig was able to resume his unique broadcast. But when the time came, xQc was nowhere to be found.

Ludwig began his stream at 11pm PT in an effort to find out who the star might be, checking the Twitch chats of other popular streamers. Unfortunately for Ludwig, the Gaming Golem did show up nine hours late.

I was in the chat of Train because [xQc] was in there, and I was in the chat of Dizzy because xQc was in there. He showed up nine hours later than he was supposed to go live, Ludwig said. We went live at 11pm, and so that is when I streamed as well.

Ludwig admits that he was fortunate to get a seven-hour broadcast since xQc is known to stream more than 20 times per hour.

xQc provides a very pleasant stream environment for viewers, while Ludwig treats his programs like television shows, losing his relevance in the process.