For Season 14, what is the current Apex Legends map rotation?

For Season 14, what is the current Apex Legends map rotation? ...

Apex Legends has only four battle royale maps, yet they are big enough to keep you engaged for tens or hundreds of matches. Developer Respawn keeps things interesting by constantly adding to, adjusting, and tweaking maps, ensuring that players always feel new and different.

The purpose of a seasonal rotation is to ensure that each map feels fresh at any given time. Instead, players must choose which map they want to play at any given time. The featured maps are usually those that have recently been updated.

This is the current map rotation in Apex.

For season 14, what is the current Apex Legends map rotation?

The newly-updated Kings Canyon, Worlds Edge, and Storm Point maps in rotation for trios and duos have been removed from all rotations this season. It is therefore not accessible.

The Worlds Edge timer will go down, causing the next map to be played twice in a row. For example, if the timer is reached zero, you will be able to finish the match. Your next round will be on the new map.

Each season of Apex is split into two halves: rank split one and rank split two, each of which being a map change. Kings Canyon is the only map you can play in ranked until the start of rank split two. Due to the Reforged update, Storm Point will be the only available map during rank split two.

Because the Arenas mode has its own maps, they rotate on a different basis. Both pubs Arenas and ranked Arenas are always in rotation, and they rotate on a much faster basis. For both modes, the Arenas menu shows which maps are coming up next in rotation, allowing you to customize your playtime.