What time does the MC Championship (MCC) 24 begin?

What time does the MC Championship (MCC) 24 begin? ...

With the next installment of the Minecraft tournament set to take place on August 20, fans will once again experience an epic showdown between 10 teams composed of four content creators each as they battle it out in a series of eight detailed mini-games.

The official pool of games that players will be able to select from during MCC 24 have been revealed, as well as the official version of Build Mart. Sands of Time is also back after being off the roster for a few tournaments, but Survival Games has now left the roster for MCC 24.

@MCCisland_ had a great time announcing games, now it's our turn to announce the MCC 24 games! https://www.twitter.com/KtjeWsafU9

While in the Decision Dome, players may choose from the pool which eight games will be played. Each player receives an egg that turns into a chicken when selected into their game of choice.

Teams are also randomly gifted special items to sway the vote in their favor, such as a Mega Chicken that counts for more votes, or a Fire Bomb that can be used to eliminate chickens that were thrown into a game that the team does not want to play. The game that receives the most votes by all ten teams is then chosen and is the next one that is played.

After all eight mini-games have been chosen and played, the two best-performing teams meet off in a Dodgebolt duel where they can only eliminate each other using bows and arrows. The team that defeats the other three times will then be crowned the victors in MCC 24.

In MCC 23, the Orange Ocelots were the last winners. This team was made up of creators Quig, InTheLittleWood, Eret, and F1nn5ter. It was a very close Dodgebolt, with them claiming victory with a close score of 3-2.

MCC 24 will be available on Noxcrews' Twitch channel or through the lens of any competing artists via their respective channel or platform of choice on the day of the tournament.