Quin69 mocks Diablo 4 battle pass earn rewards for free model

Quin69 mocks Diablo 4 battle pass earn rewards for free model ...

Quin69, a Twitch streamer, mocked Diablo 4s' battle pass, accusing the game of advertising its free trial.

Quin69 has shown a steadfast opposition to the ongoing microtransaction trend that is prominent in many modern video game titles. However, the livestreamer has taken particular action against Blizzards Diablo titles. Short after the release of Diablo Immortal, Quin69 donated $10,000 to the game in protest of the games' RNG, pay-to-win system.

Quin69's microtransaction rage is likely to follow Diablo 4's most recent battle pass, which allows players to pay for the premium version or gradually unlock items on the free version. Though allowing players to unlock rewards without paying, Quin69 found it absurd to promote this feature of the battle pass.

I bought a fucking computer game and am now able to play the game I purchased. You should be able to do it in 2022, dude. Holy shit. Guys, you can buy this game and then earn rewards for free by playing. You just have to enter the card that you bought.

Quin69, who is well-known for allowing Diablo 4 to be offered at many levels, appears to have taken a more serious issue with the necessity to even provide a free version. Though he will never perform Diablo 4, he is currently dissatisfied with what the title has to offer players.