In Pokemon GO, the best moveset for Scrafty is

In Pokemon GO, the best moveset for Scrafty is ...

Some Pokemon in Pokemon GO are difficult to overlook. One example is Scrafty, which has some fantastic moves and great potential in combats. Players need to know which moves to equip the fighter with to take advantage of this powerful Pokemon and other powerful monsters.

Best moves for Scrafty in Pokemon GO

Scrafty is a Dark and Fighting-type Pokemon, which means its most powerful moves also correspond with those two typings.

Moves with an asterisk (*) will get the Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) and will cause more damage.

Charged/QuickMove NameMove TypeDamageEPSDPS
ChargedFoul Play*Dark70-2542
Charged/QuickMove NameMove TypeDamageEPSDPS
ChargedFoul Play*Dark70-2542

All possible Scrafty moves in Pokemon GO

Move NameMove TypeDamageEPSDPS
Move NameMove TypeDamageEPSDPS
Foul Play*Dark70-2542
Power-Up Punch*Fighting50-16.530
Acid SprayPoison20-16.76.7

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