Queen Sigma's Role in Vampire Survivors

Queen Sigma's Role in Vampire Survivors ...

Queen Sigma is a new character in Vampire Survivors patch 0.11.0. According to her release trailer, Queen Sigma is the most powerful character in the game.

Unlocking Queen Sigma

Queen Sigma is unlocked only when you complete the whole collection. That's the game's 122 weapons, characters, upgrades, and relics, as well as the secret or cheat characters.

To complete this task, you will need to have a solid grasp of the game, or a lot of grinding forGolden Eggs. Either way, its no simple unlock, and will take hours of effort. Your best strategy is to just put aside some time and play the game as much as you can.

Queen Sigmas Weapon

Queen Sigma starts with the Victory Sword. Torronas Box is a passive item that will drop randomly when you hold six different Weapon Evolutions at once. Torronas Box will appear, and if your Victory Sword is upgraded to level eight, it will evolve into a Sole Solution.

Except for other Weapon Evolutions, Sole Solution does not replace the original weapon. Instead, it slowly develops small sparkles around the character. These build up, and the weapon will eventually unleash a huge swirling galaxy. This makes the player intangible, which means they can still collect picks but can't be damaged.

Queen Sigma abilities

Queen Sigma, who is one of the game's most powerful characters, is unable to acquire Golden Eggs to boost her stats. Instead, she starts off with some of the game's highest stats and progresses 1% might and 1% Growth every level without cap. The Golden Eggs are replaced by the Candybox weapon in the Merchant's shop.

Queen Sigma may also have up to seven Arcanas at the same time, rather than four randomly drawn cards, making this a perfect reward for the huge unlocking demands.