Borderlands 3: How to emote

Borderlands 3: How to emote ...

It's time to get out the emotes. Here's how to get started with the emote menu, pick a mood depending on the system you're using, and get some extra benefits from emoting on Borderlands.

Access the Borderlands 3 emote menu

To go to the emote menu, press and hold the pause button, which is not the touchpad, but theOptionsmenu pause button. Make sure you don't just hold the button down, otherwise the pause menu will pop up.

Use the left thumbstick to navigate the emotion menu. Select the one you want to use, then pressXon PS4 orAon Xbox One to select the emote.

To access the menu on your PC, you'll press Z on your keyboard.

Borderlands 3 emote options

The emote wheel in Borderlands 3 has a few unique abilities, as well as being a great way to personalize your game, particularly in co-op mode. You can also use it to ping a location on the map if you're having trouble finding an area in Apex Legends.

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