Where can I find Outposts in Tribes of Midgard?

Where can I find Outposts in Tribes of Midgard? ...

If you want to complete the Inferno Saga quest in Tribes of Midgard's saga mode, you must findOutposts. These unique structures will holdLavaettir enemiesand an honor guard ofBrennalfar elves who protect the outpost.

You must climb a staircase to face several groups of lavaettir and Brennalfar Archers and warriors. We recommend bringing strongdamage dealing weapons and, if possible, making weapons that have cold elemental damage. In short, both Lavaettir and Brennalfar elves are susceptible to cold damage, therefore we recommend making the following weapons to help you face them.

  • Utgard Skeggox
  • Utgard's Bow
  • Fronjot's Axe

Making armor like the Gullveig armor set will help your character stand out from both the Lavaettir and the Brennalfar elves. Once you have made decent weapons and armor, you are ready to raid Outposts.

How to Find More Outposts to Raid in Tribes of Midgard

You must keep raiding Outposts until you have enough resources to get to the Volcanic spire biome. In short, if you raid one Outpost and loot the chest at the top of the stairs, you will receive a map leading you to another Outpost in your game.

Why do you need to look for Outposts in Tribes of Midgard?

The primary reason for raiding Outposts in Tribes of Midgard is quite straightforward. Simply loot the highest Outposts to get Muspelite to open the pathway that leads to the Volcanic Spire. In total, you will require over 10 Muspelite, 50 event fragments, and 20 Ancient Cores to open the Gateway to the Volcanic Spire biome.