In Pokemon GO, how do I get ChargedTMs?

In Pokemon GO, how do I get ChargedTMs? ...

Pokemon GO is a challenging game where having the correct moves for your pokemon can make all of the difference in a battle. However, what they usually come with may not always be desirable. So instead of settling for a pokemon with poor stats and excellent moves, have your beefy pokemon forget their current moves and learn new ones.

Where to find Charged TMs in Pokemon GO

Charged TMs are usually found at two places,raidsand in theGO Battle League. However, raids will be your best chance at acquiring Charged TMs as the GO Battle League randomly changes its rewards depending on the season. Note that the Charged TM isn't a guaranteed drop.

How to use a Charged TM in Pokemon GO

It's a fairly straightforward process to use a Charged TM. Open your pokemon collection and select the pokemon you would like to have learn a new Charged Move. Tap the menu icon and select Items. From there, select Charged TM and Yes to have the pokemon learn a new random Charged Move.