Thymesia's brown poison: how to get rid of it

Thymesia's brown poison: how to get rid of it ...

The Sea of Trees contains a large amount of poison, which may result in several deaths. Dodging through will save HP and get through quickly, but destroying the source of the poison is much easier. Players may even do this from a distance.

How to Get Over Thymesia's Brown Poison

In the first area of the Thymesia, the Sea of Trees, players will encounter a mist of poison that does a lot of damage when fully exposed. Dodging through the poison will allow players to remove their speed and be able to get through the poison in no time. Players can get a second Dodge to make this task much easier.

How to Get Rid of Thymesia's Brown Poison

Large pustules are the source of the poison in several sections of the game, and they can be destroyed to clear the air. Players may also remove them from a distance using their Feather Darts after locking onto them, or by hurling them out from a distance to get within melee range.