In Pokemon GO, the best moveset for Throh is

In Pokemon GO, the best moveset for Throh is ...

In Pokemon GO, there are a few Pokemon that are often overlooked. Throh is one of these Pokemon, but it can be a useful fighter in combat due to its access to strong Fighting-type moves. Players must know the best moves to equip the fighter with in order to take advantage of this powerful Pokemon and other powerful monsters.

Best moves for Throh in Pokemon GO

Throh is a unique Fighting-typePokemon, therefore, its strongest moves will also be Fighting-type.

Moves with an asterisk (*) will gain the Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) and will result in increased damage.

Charged/QuickMove NameMove TypeDamageEPSDPS
QuickLow Kick*Fighting61012
ChargedFocus Blast*Fighting140-28.648
Charged/QuickMove NameMove TypeDamageEPSDPS
QuickZen HeadbuttPsychic129.110.9
ChargedFocus Blast*Fighting140-28.648

All possible Throh moves in Pokemon GO

Move NameMove TypeDamageEPSDPS
Zen HeadbuttPsychic129.110.9
Low Kick*Fighting61012
Move NameMove TypeDamageEPSDPS
Focus Blast*Fighting140-28.648
Low Sweep*Fighting40-17.425.3
Body SlamNormal50-17.426.3

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