Destiny 2's 20 Best Shaders (2022)

Destiny 2's 20 Best Shaders (2022) ...

Destiny 2's creative freedom is one of the game's greatest strengths. Players may create a look that suits them personally. Shaders are color schemes used on armor and weapons, and may be individually chosen for each component. These shaders may be used to maintain a consistent appearance or create a patchwork design inspired by the discount toy bin.

Top 20 shaders in Destiny 2

Calus' Selected is a collection of short stories created after the now-vaulted Leviathan raid, which includes the Emperor's Agent suit's royal purple and gold tones. The shader is a lovely deep purple color, which works excellent with the Emperor's Agent suit.

Bungie has provided an all-white shader, with the exception of a few light blue areas. This shader is crisp, with a white color that doesn't have a distracting texture or iridescence. This is the equivalent of finding a shirt from Forever 21 that doesn't have text or an out-of-place image, but a pure, solid color.

Rustberry is Bitterpearl's yin. It's one of the best shaders for the faceless look, where players disguise their character's helmet with dark shades.

New Age Black Armory is an animated shader that swirls like ink, although the color isn't too overwhelming on first glance. This shader is ideal for a minimalist and sharp design.

The Technofusion shader can sometimes be jarring on armor, but it looks stunning on weapons. The green and pink work well together, creating a futuristic hue on any weapon in Destiny 2.

Ritualism is a sleeper hit due to its relatively simple green and gray hues in the icon. The dappled green texture is quite striking, and the color scheme reminds us of the Witch Queen expansion. This shader looks like a bog, but in a good way.

The stunning blue and pink of Neopop Wave has begun to develop on us. When the community complains of its "ugliness," Neopop Wave does not fall down. It does not falter. Though the public's words are like arrows, Neopop Wave is a wall of iron.

Seven Sisters is an animated shader that transforms fabric into stars, floating across any cape, since it only looks good on class armor. We also have no clue where the gold came from, as the icon only shows brown and silver.

This shader makes armor appear to be made of bone. There's just nothing else we can do about it, which alone justifies its inclusion on the list. In all seriousness, the blue and iridescent purple highlights give this shader life, giving neutral colors a pop. Some arm pieces are completely black, such as Mechanik 1.1. It also looks like bones.

Butterbark is frequently referred to in Destiny 2 as "the wood shader." This shader combines the appearance of wood with a sparsely used yellow highlight. On ships, the shader appears quite believable.

Safety First gives you all of your traffic cone dreams come true. This shader is unapologetically orange, and we admire its confidence. It does not try to become anything other than a construction orange; it simply accepts its destiny as a traffic cone. This is also one of the most thoroughly orange shaders, so it is useful for all-orange looks.

Bergusian Night is an animated shader that resembles a galaxy. The shader drenches your armor in blue and purple, which all move in the same direction. This shader provides a consistent color scheme, with no colors that appear from nowhere.

Skele-Ghaul is a great shader for emulating leather. It can also be combined with Rustberry to create an all-black appearance.

The "rust shader" for Descendant Vex Chrome is well-known for its dark green and coppery rust hue. When applied on armor, it loses the rust effect and turns into a textured green color.

Cryptic Insignia is a clean shader that combines a monochromatic look with blue highlights. The off-white and gray colors in this shader are clean, providing an alternative to dull white and pitch black.

Royal Treatment is a lovely purple hue infused with oil's iridescence. This shader also enhances capes by making them sparkle. This shader is excellent for both armor and weapons because of its gold accents.

Monochromatic is a professional shader that knows exactly what it wants to be, boasting of nothing more and nothing less. The white color has a minor texture, but it is not distracting when combined with a full outfit. The black colors in this shader are also vivid and clean.

Gambit Chrome is well-known for its shiny silver hues. Although the shader may come in a lighter gray, the metallic silver will surely blind your foes on the battlefield. Drifter would approve.

Horizon Blush has deep reds and dark leather hues. This shader gives your cape a striking red color, complementing the rest of the outfit. Both the Shadowkeep expansion and the Assassin's Creed franchise are represented in Horizon Blush.

Pomegranate Gloss is a lovely red color with a swirling texture that is reminiscent of fire or lava flowing from a volcano. The unique reds compensate for this irregularity.