Mock Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas Staged Honeymoon PDA

Mock Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas Staged Honeymoon PDA ...

Fans were ecstatic about the Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas honeymoon photos.

Paparazzi photos of Giudice and Ruelas were first published online on August 15, 2022. She was seen strutting along the beaches of Greece with her new husband in several shots. The couple is seen laughing and embracing.

These photographs taken and published by various news outlets went unreviewed, compared to the ones shared on Instagram Stories with filters, stickers, and floral captions.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Teresa Giudice Without Retouching: What a Difference Not Using Filters Makes

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Fans were quick to respond to the photos on social media.

A troll wrote: "Do something about the cellulite."

Tell me you're looking for attention, rather than telling me you're looking for attention, someone's posted.

Wow. Someone commented on what a difference not using filters makes.

Yikes. What is she doin to her face? I'm sorry, another fan replied, it's like she's melting lol.

Someone asked me what's bigger, her head or her lips.

What happened to her face in the last photo? Someone wrote that she probably forgot her glam squad.

Another fan pointed out that there is no photoshop available when there is no one to edit pictures.

A fan asked what is wrong with her face. She absolutely needs to stop doing cosmetic procedures. She is 8 years younger than me, but she appears to be a lot older than me. Im not being nasty, shes ruining her face. Plus giving her girls the wrong impression of beauty and being okay in your own body.

Oops, a real look was posted. Everyone is commenting on her lips, but Im confused with the misplaced belly button, another wrote.

Fans ripped Guidice and Ruelas for staged photos: Guess Someone Called the Paparazzi

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Why did they take pictures of themselves during their honeymoon, how desperate?!? A fan asked. She agreed writing, it's perfect! In Greece, like the Pope knows her, or even cares who she is. She is the thirstiest, other than him, person ever.

Is it too late? another person responded.

Another fan commented that they suspect someone called the paparazzigurl bye.

Someone pointed out that Spencer and Heidi are experts at staged photo shoots.

Is there any part of her life that is private? Always a reality star for fortune and fame.. pathetic.., another person wrote.

According to a fan, the best thing for everyone would be to stop reporting on her and these fake staged pictures.

Someone said he's in it for the publicity she's a seeker of attention.. cant stand her.

Due to Guidice revealing an alleged affair that Melissa had, the couple wed on August 6, 2022, amid controversy.