When does The Winter Soldier appear in Marvels Avengers?

When does The Winter Soldier appear in Marvels Avengers? ...

Bucky Barnes is the next playable hero in Marvels Avengers, and he is the next Captain Americas best pal. The game's August 2022 Development Update discusses the game's next patch and what new features will be added to Patch 2.6 and beyond.

Bucky Barnes' release date for Marvel's Avengers is set.

Update 2.6 is expected to be released sometime in September, but the Winter Soldier will not be included in the update. More information on the hero will be revealed following the release of Update 2.6. Jane Foster will take on the role of Thor in the Avengers film that was released on the same day as the August 2022 Update.

The 2.6 Update will include the No Rest for the Wicked Warzone, a villain-themed adventure that sees the Scientist Supreme Monica revive M.O.D.O.K. to help destroy the Avengers.

The Winter Soldiers will follow the narrative created in No Rest for the Wicked and Cloning Lab. The character will be a hybrid brawler and marksman.