How to Fix Discord's Bad Network Request Error

How to Fix Discord's Bad Network Request Error ...

Any communication you might have had over the internet with someone over the internet is quickly disrupted by the Bad Network Request error. There are only a handful of strategies you can take to handle this on your side. However, in the end, it does boil down to Discord's servers. This article will teach you how to best deal with the Bad Network Request error on Discord.

What can you do about the Bad Network Request error?

During Discord's encounter with the Bad Network Request error, none of your messages will be sent, and you will not be able to see any messages your friends may have sent or are trying to send you. All of this is on the Discords side of things. You can check it through the Discord server page to see the current status.

If the page states that the Discord servers are down, you may want to cancel your subscription and restart your Discord application. This is an excellent way to ensure that everything is okay on your end. You may even want to restart your internet or connecting to other networks to see if this is the issue.

After a restart, you may still encounter this error. The Bad Network Request is usually caused by Discord's servers being down, or your internet being in trouble. We highly recommend checking the Discord twitter page to see if any updates the Discord team has provided. This error often occurs during an API outage, which means no messages can be sent or received on Discord. The only thing you can reasonably do is wait until the issue subsides, which does prevent you from using this service until things have stabilized.