In Destiny 2, how does Blind work?

In Destiny 2, how does Blind work? ...

Blind is a status effect you may expect to encounter in Destiny 2. It is an important status effect you can use every once in a while, and knowing how it works can benefit you in many situations.

Everything you need to know about Blind in Destiny 2

When you use them in a PvE scenario against NPC enemies, they will be lost for several seconds, allowing you to grab the drop on them and take them out or focus on larger enemies while they remain in this state. It does not last forever, but it can save you a few seconds from losing your shields.

Blindness is also an excellent strategy for PvP battles since it does not affect your vision. They will be unable to move around while in this state, and you will most likely be able to use these precious seconds to remove them.

This status effect will be available in your Arc subclass kit across any Guardian. It will also be available in the Arc 3.0 update in Destiny 2, which will be available to all players on August 23.