In Tower of Fantasy, where can I get Barnacles?

In Tower of Fantasy, where can I get Barnacles? ...

Despite being somewhat strange, you may still find them in Tower of Fantasy. One of the strangest ingredients you can obtain is Barnacles. These are generally found on the bottom of ships in the real world, but they do not spawn there.

Where to get Barnacles in Tower of Fantasy

Barnacles will take a while to find in Tower of Fantasy. This is because they do not spawn around the starting region of Astra; rather, they spawn on the completely opposite side of the map: the Warren region. This area is where the ground turns to ice and a storm is constantly pounding you.

The Warren area is the fifth location you will find during the story. Barnacles can be found on the floating pieces of ice all across the Warren area.

How to use Barnacles

Barnacles are easily adapted to prepare some excellent meals for your character. Barnacle Seafood Pizza and Barnacle Stew are both available for purchase, as long as you have the other ingredients needed for the recipes. It is recommended to preserve your Barnacles and use them for cooking.