Which MUT Captain should you choose in Madden 23?

Which MUT Captain should you choose in Madden 23? ...

MUT players in Madden 23 can start off their careers by selecting their MUT Captain. In MUT Challenges, users can complete a few tasks before purchasing one of four 85 OVR players: Keyshawn Johnson, Sam Adams, Eric Allen, and Larry Csonka.

Let's take a look at the four MUT Captains, starting with Keyshawn Johnson, who plays wide receiver for the Jets and Buccaneers.

Keyshawn Johnson

Larry Csonka

Sam Adams

Eric Allen

All are 85 OVR players, meaning there is no player who has an overall advantage. Additionally, MUT Captains may be given team Chemistry boosts for any team, not outside of the teams the player suited up for in the NFL. However, priority should be given to key positions in the game.

Larry Csonka does not have a high-profile position (FB), but may be filled simply by getting a tight end or another natural fullback who has decent blocking ability.

Now, onto the other three targets. Keyshawn Johnson is a solid target who has good overall stats as well as Speed that can make the former Seahawks defensive lineman a formidable threat.

Sam Adams, the Seahawks' defensive lineman, is our pick. Adams can provide some stability on the lines, which is very important when it comes to shutting down the running game and putting pressure on opposing quarterbacks.