Runescape RS3's finest non-degradable armor

Runescape RS3's finest non-degradable armor ...

The majority of Runescape's highest quality armors degrade, eventually breaking down and needing costly repair. There are late-game armor sets that dont degrade, allowing you to tackle tough PvM challenges on a shoestring budget. This article will cover non-degradable armor sets from all three combat branches: melee, magic, and ranged, giving you inexpensive options as you approach bosses.

Best non-degradable melee armor

The anima core of Zaros is the finest armor set you can get that wont break down over time. Both items can be obtained as rare drops from bosses in the Heart of Gielinor.

The anima core of Zaros is statistically comparable to another set of tier-80 armor, the Torva set. While Torva's armor degrades, it provides a bonus to both constitution and prayer that the Zaros core lacks. Also worth noting that the Torva full helm, platebody, and platelegs sell for a third of the value on the Grand Exchange.

Best non-degradable ranged armor

The Heart of Gielinor includes the most powerful non-degradable ranged gear in the form of the Zamorak's anima core. Like Zaros, the Zamorak's anima core requires a dormant core, as well as a Crest of Zamorak that only drops from Zamorak's Twin Furies, Nymora, and Avaryss.

Zamoraks Core is equipped with 80 defense, which puts it on par with tier-80 Pernix gear, although the difference in price between a three-piece set of Zamorak and all five pieces of Pernix may be worth using the latter more if repair costs aren't as high.

Best non-degradable magic armor

The most powerful non-degradable magic set, the anima core of Seren, comes from rare boss drops in the Heart of Gielinor. As you might expect, Helwyr, Seren's general, drops this set to build this set from a dormant anima core.

Seren's anima core is about as effective as the degrading tier-80 Virtus robes, although without any bonuses to prayer or constitution. The Seren sets' utility is minimal for its cost, as the difference in price between the Seren set and the Virtus' mask, top, and legs is a small 5,000,000 gp. Using some of Runescape's most profitable money-makers, this marginal price difference shouldnt be difficult to earn.