Merrick was murdered in the Sea of Thieves, and who answered?

Merrick was murdered in the Sea of Thieves, and who answered? ...

Merrick, who was once a lowly Hunter and fisherman responsible for the Sea Dogs murderous faction in the Sea of Thieves, has become much more. Beyond being dead, he now has some valuable information the Seas sinister factions murder for, and worse. But who is responsible for his assassination, and can we do anything about them?

Merricks killer

Even if they haven't kept an eye on Merricks' murderer, Sea of Thieves players are likely to be familiar with her. Amaranta is the first Sea Dog to be posted in the Glorious Sea Dog Tavern as an Arena representative.

Following the Smugglers Fortune update, she disappeared, ostensibly seeking a fortune of her own. Though unidentified for a while, she was eventually implicated in the murder of another NPC, DeMarco. She returned to hiding following the crime, eventually joining the Dark Brethren, the evil group that caused much of the misfortune on the Sea of Thieves.

Amaranta was either directly or indirectly involved in most of the previous Adventure plots, particularly those that involved the Sea of the Damned, as she was able to travel between worlds after purchasing a powerful item.

Part of A Hunters Cry is about pursuing Amaranta as an auxiliary task to rescuing Merrick, since both she and the Warsmith, another leader of the Dark Brethren, are present in the Twisted Seadog Tavern, together with Duke. She manages to escape, but not without warning that Merrick and the information he holds, are still very much in the Brethrens' interest to acquire. So whatever they want to claim, or perhaps already have, cant be considered a winner.