Season 5 of Westworld: When might it be renewed?

Season 5 of Westworld: When might it be renewed? ...

Were you aware that HBO is still looking for aWestworldseason 5 renewal, or is this going to be another victim of the ridiculous Warner Bros. Discovery takeover? At this point, given how many properties weve seen destroyed across the board, from HBO Max originals to CW and TBS shows, we have no real confidence in anything.

Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have had a five-season plan for this program, and it makes sense to pay it off completely. What a waste of energy would you give to everyone?

Lets assume that the series will be renewed. There is no assurance, but it is important we do that for the purpose of this exercise. When could new episodes air?

Anything in 2023 that isn't a short final season, it's because the producers take their time. This is without even considering how difficult certain scenes are to shoot or how much time it takes to render visual effects after the fact. It's possible to do it in 2024 without pushing every single person behind the scenes to the brink.

HBO is in no hurry to renew or cancel Westworld, but we would be surprised if there was no more news within the next month, give or take.

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