Season 5 of The Handmaids Tale has revealed some new information

Season 5 of The Handmaids Tale has revealed some new information ...

It makes sense to know the key players prior to the release of The Handmaids Taleseason 5 on Hulu next month.

Elisabeth Moss and her character of June Osborne are going to continue to be a focus for the series. After all, how can it not be? She just resigned from Commander Waterford and is leading the charge in Toronto against Gilead's oppressive, horrible regime.

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However, one of the major threats to the coming season is that some of the threats will come from within. We present some more information about Mrs. Wheeler, a fresh threat and a follower of Serena north of the border. This character is played by Genevieve Angelson, and it is fair to say that she will not have any negative feelings about June.

I am tempted to conclude that there are no villains. Serena is the bad guy on the show, but she is also coming up with very painful solutions to a very difficult situation. She'll come to an end abruptly.

Im not playing a bad guy in order to be Mrs. Wheeler. I had to be clear that I am playing someone who is willing to sacrifice anything to help the human race. Thats what we were up against. I am accepting that this is my reality. That is what I am doing.

June will certainly have a fair share of loyal pals, but the task ahead will not be easy, and neither will it go in a straight line. She needs to be prepared on all fronts.

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