The premiere date for Jack Ryan season 3 is a fun instant launch theory

The premiere date for Jack Ryan season 3 is a fun instant launch theory ...

Given that the season 3 was set to close in at the end of August, our quest for information on Jack Ryanseason 3 is beginning to hit a halt. Why have we not received further information yet?

The obvious answer to all of this is that Amazon only wants to invest a lot of time on two top-tier titles at the same time. Right now with The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, it will most certainly be their top focus for the next few weeks. Then, the Prime Video team will have to figure out whats next between Jack Ryan and Carnival Row.

Let's dive into a fascinating what-if: What if a streaming service decides to launch season 3 without much buildup at all? It's possible that a surprise release is a great way to get people excited in a brief period of time.

Would Amazon do this? It seems unlikely that they would go in this direction, yet it still feels like something that would be fun. If nothing else, we wonder if they will have a fairly short period between when the date is announced and when Jack Ryan arrives.

Thoughts on the last-second are unlikely. Remember, they have a big-name actor here in John Krasinski, and in general, it makes sense for him to be out there pushing the program as much as possible.

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