When may we learn the whole cast of American Horror Story?

When may we learn the whole cast of American Horror Story? ...

If you are like us, you want to receive as much information as humanly possible about American Horror Storyseason 11. That includes, of course, figuring out when we will know who is a part of the season.

FX has yet to confirm a few names recently, including some familiar faces such as Zachary Quinto and Billie Lourd. Clearly, there are others out there as well.

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Can you expect this whole slate of announcements to come out shortly? It is possible that season 11 will premiere sometime between the second and third week of October, mostly because it makes no sense to premiere it later than that. At the end of the month or early September, we tend to believe the promotional ball will roll in a big way. They dont want to overshadow the flagship with any news!

Season 11 should be a healthy mix of old and new faces, and we just need to hope that the central premise is strong and distinctive enough to stand out from everything else in the franchise. (Well always defend1984and theRed Tidearc, although not everyone may feel the same).

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