Hideo Kojimas' Brain Would Be Broiled Even By A Metal Gear Solid VR Mod

Hideo Kojimas' Brain Would Be Broiled Even By A Metal Gear Solid VR Mod ...

Metal Gear Solid, a video game series that is often about simulations, real-time virtual reality, and faithful fandom, is now available in VR. You may explore the first three main areas of Metal Gear Solid (and some other fun surprises) using the modder.

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The Metal Gear Solid mod, created by modder Holydh, combines the styles and aesthetics of the first MGS adventure with the highly technical, extremely realistic-feeling physics and advanced virtual body simulation of the popular VR game Boneworks. While right now, Holydhs mod only recreates the games first three areas, it's a powerful proof of concept for how enjoyable it is to experience Metal Gear Solid in real VR.

Metal Gear Solid, like other games, has never been the same since it was released for the PlayStation in 1998. While the series' storytelling and themes evolved substantially from two previous 2D versions for the MSX 2, it nonetheless expanded the series' narrative and themes.

Metal Gear Solid and its many sequels provide a concentrated experience of the game's stealthy gameplay loop, challenging you with time trials set in stylized visual representations of what it might be like inside a computer. In actual narratives, where its the subject of debate regarding its impacts on a persons sense of reality.

Hideo Kojima, the celebrated director of Metal Gear Solid V, has been known to toy with player expectations. He even hired an actor to play a fake game developer who provided bizarre interviews for a fictional gaming studio. MGSV, by the way, has proceeded to make you question the very notion of identity.

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The Holydhs Metal Gear Solid Mod for Boneworks is well-known for its pretty cool physics and a very Portal-like narrative vibe throughout its campaign and overall presentation. Like Metal Gear Solid, Boneworks also works with themes of virtual reality and manipulation beyond your immediate comprehension, so while the VR title is thematically resonant in that Boneworks own narrative gives way to doubt about whats happening in your environment.

After playing with this mod until very late in the evening last night, I will admit that I still have chills from what I experienced. The original graphical presentation was completely intact. However, the obvious pleasure of sneaking around vents and corners, engaging in gun battles with genome soldiers, and admiring the massive Metal Gear Rex (it's parked in the mods museum area) were always emphasized in my mind.

Eva's 2008 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a good example.

Anyone with a computer can get combat training. These games are offered for free by these companies. Of course, they are very adept at absorbing these war games. And before they know it, theyre in the PMCs carrying real guns. These kids believe that combat is life. They do not need a reason to fight. After all, it's only a game.

Holydh described the experience of creating a VR mod based on a series that is so often concerned with technology manipulating our perception of reality as both enjoyable and frightening at the same time. I play games sorta like I read books, he said, to just immerse myself in an environment. And VR is simply incredible for that.

The core of this mod is built from original code, but Holydh believes it's been a decade since the mod was created. I'm the little guy on the giants' shoulder, according to Holydh.

The intention to recreate certain areas from Metal Gear Solid is a little spooky, given that the game's immediate sequel, Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, discloses that the first game's events were sampled and simulated to train the game's main character. MGS2's use of the actual game as a simulation is one of the series' many fourth-wall breaking moments.

Holydh feels deeply connected to Metal Gear Solid 2's revelations, and that's why he created the mod. He thinks about the meta of his work often.

He said that he talks about it from time to time. Im kind of closing the loop.

Its still not a complete game, for all the cerebral adventures it inspires. You will need to upgrade to Boneworks itself, and youll need to go through a bit of a mod installation slog to get everything running. This is why, aside from expanding the game, Holydh is hoping to repackage his mod as a standalone experience.

Once you've got everything ordered, you go straight to the very room where Solid Snake fought Psycho Mantis. Here you can choose between warping to the beginning of the classic campaign or visiting a museum displaying many recreated games. There's even a recreation of the games opening submarine area, which normally is only visible through a cutscene.

Selecting Campaign opens the rooms secret entrance, which in the main game led you to the fight with Sniper Wolf. Here you get to the opening level of the game, where Snake first met Shadow Moses.

The only playable areas are the opening crate/elevator area, the outdoor helipad, and the dual-level interior tank hangar, where you may find rifles and ammo around the maps, spy past cameras and guards, and engage in gun battles with a SOCOM pistol, suppressed for sneaking or unmuzzled for total volume and chaos.

The Boneworks Metal Gear Solid mod's lack of a full game experience, as well as the difficulties in navigating certain areas (I will likely have nightmares now of falling to my death from metal gear Rex's ladders), keep the mod from feeling like a full game. Some fun discovery to the environments though.

I am here, standing in spaces that aren't real, although my brain believes they've some degree of reality to them? How can I not think of the countless times the Metal Gear games have questioned why I enjoy playing gun battles, violence, and death? Is it because I'm playing all the time? Is it because I'm a fan of killing?

Although this mod does not answer all of those questions, it does take me down the well-known metal gear solid rabbit holes. The main series' last entry was seven years ago, and its future is hazy at best. But this VR mod has gotten me there in a way that Id never imagined. Metaverses and ways that were attempting to convey meaning to digital worlds and items are certainly possible, if not a little terrifying.