Season 5 of Warzone: All New Usable Items

Season 5 of Warzone: All New Usable Items ...

Players may now purchase new items to use in Warzone Season 5, which will enable them to track down their favorite items more easily and may even use Field Upgrades to go into a fury.

The last season of Warzone before the focus begins to shift towards the release of Warzone 2, so it is clear that Call of Duty wants to make it a memorable season for all its players.

Season 5's new items make finding loot a lot simpler, while also adding a new dimension to the battle royale.

Here are a few ideas for Season 5 of Warzone.

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Doomsday Station In-Game Event

While playing Caldera in Warzone Season 5, players can activate a seismic device to activate enemy helicopters that will deploy enemy soldiers to attack your position.

Players who activate the Doomsday Station will be eligible to receive exclusive rewards and even powerful in-game items to help you achieve Warzone victory.

Supply Box UAV Killstreak

The Supply Box UAV Killstreak allows players to track down items by highlighting unopened Supply Boxes in the vicinity for around 15 seconds.

When trying to navigate safely around the new volcanic dangers of Caldera, this will be extremely helpful.

  • It can be bought at a Buy Station.
  • Players can find one in a random Supply Box.

Personal Supply Box Huge XP Boost

The Personal Supply Box will allow players to acquire their favorite loadout weapons and receive a massive XP boost.

Each squad member will get the XP boost when discovered.

  • Players can also use a Supply Box UAV to locate a Personal Supply Box quickly.

Rage Serum Field Upgrade

The Rage Serum Field Upgrade gives players an incredible boost to their close-quarter combat abilities, but makes them more vulnerable to tactical grenades.

  • Superior melee damage
  • Increased lunge distance
  • Enhanced stun power when using melee weapons and fists
  • Operator becomes louder
  • More recoil when stunned or flashed

When Warzone Season 5 is released later this month, players may try out all of these items.