Original Sin EPs Explain Finale's 'Beautiful, Unexpected Connection' to Classic PLL Couple from Pretty Little Liars

Original Sin EPs Explain Finale's 'Beautiful, Unexpected Connection' to Classic PLL Couple from Pret ...

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin's brutal, bloody conclusion has plenty of gasps, but even amid dramatic twists and turns, its a much quieter moment that's sure to send your jaws flying.

Tabby asks Imogen about the couple who decided to adopt her baby, and she replies, "Well, this is the way they've chosen to be." They're both writers, and one owns a bookstore.

Imogen claims Aria and Ezra are open to sharing their baby's life, giving us hope that Ian Harding and Lucy Hale will reprise their iconic roles one day (assuming Hale doesnt play Katy Keene first).

So how did this whole-circle event happen? We may thank Katie Avery, the same writer who etched Calebs' name on the pill bottle. She recalled a Perfectionists-era tweet from the official Pretty Little Liars account that contained a leaked text exchange between Aria and Alison DiLaurentis, in which Aria states that she and Ezra had a baby girl.

Lindsay Calhoon, an EP, adds her own text message: Katie was so interested in the fandom that she remembered those text messages. I think we thought it would be a great, unexpected connection at the end of the show if Imogens baby is adopted by Aria and Ezra and moves to Rosewood.

Given that The Perfectionists was released several years after the original Pretty Little Liars, which also had a significant time increase in its later seasons, it's plausible that these timelines match up, and that Imogens baby makes perfect sense as the one Aria and Alison were texting about. If it doesn't, we'll tell you. The only thing worse than discovering that you did something incorrect.

Aria and Ezra embracing Imogens baby? Are you hoping for a cameo, or should Original Sin be renewed for additional seasons? Write a comment if you agree.