Will Hetty of NCIS: LA RSVP for Callen's Wedding? The EP Reveals the Latest Plan

Will Hetty of NCIS: LA RSVP for Callen's Wedding? The EP Reveals the Latest Plan ...

Is Callen and Anna's wedding bells a sign of the (latest) long-awaited return of NCIS: Los Angeles Hetty?

Linda Hunts, an iconic cast member, last appeared on camera in May 2021, at the close of Season 12, when Hetty ended her previous disappearance act to wish Nell and Eric all the best in their post-NCIS life.

Hunt was intended to return for Season 13, and perhaps even more, but you know what Man intends, and God and COVID surges laugh. As a result, Hunt appeared only in last Octobers premiere, where Hetty informed Kilbride that she had to return to Syria (where she had spent most of Season 12 and apparently left everything a mess).

Callen was left to rummage around by himself for the newest, laziest, personal story about his childhood, namely, whether he was just one of many youngsters recruited and mentored by Ms. Lange. However, Season 13 concluded with Callen proposing to Anna Kolchek in front of a beach sunset, and his longtime girlfriend gleefully accepting.

Gemmill claims that the intention is to go and rescue her at some point and discover what she's been into.

He said he's just trying to figure out when we can complete a task on schedule. That was the intention last year, though, but it failed to materialize. Things are just starting to settle down, and we'll see what we can do this year.

Season 14 of NCIS: Los Angeles begins on Sunday, October 9 at 10/9c, and will follow The Equalizer and the freshman cop drama East New York.

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