The 10 Best Survivalist Films and Series to Cast You Away

The 10 Best Survivalist Films and Series to Cast You Away ...

We all want a film that we can grit our teeth into and be plunged into a different reality where our mundane modern lives are replaced by shocking thrills. Survivalist films are brilliant because they transport your mind away from the urban lifestyle and plunge you into a fantasy on a beach, jungle, or snow.

Castaway, The I-land, and Jungle are some of the best survivalist films and series. There are many fan favorites here that will satisfy your desire for true solitude from reality in a wide variety of formats.

'Castaway' (2000)

Castaway is a classic film released in 2000 that was classified as an adventure/drama. It features Tom Hanks as the protagonist, Chuck Noland, who happens to land on a desert island.

Chuck must navigate his way around the unlivable conditions on his island, forming a well-known inanimate friend, Wilson, one the way. He hunts for food and water, attempts to scout out warmth and shelter, and loses his temper a bit.

'Love and Monsters' (2020)

The apocalyptic comedy Love and Monsters was released in 2020, with Dylan O'Brian as the supporting actor, Joel. This film is truly about love and monsters as Joel leaves his group of survival-savvy pals to discover the possible love of his life, Aimee.

During his quest for love, he encounters many monsters and a monster-woke father and daughter who teach him that not all monsters are evil and teach him some new skills. This film is suitable for anyone who wants a survivalist film with a bit of spice; love and monsters to be specific.

'Everest' (2015)

Everest is a 2015 adventure/thriller film starring Jason Clarke and Jake Gyllenhaal, and if Gyllenhaal has taught us anything, it's that he'll be amazing. This film is inspired by a true story where two groups join together to climb Everest in 1996.

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For a variety of reasons, this fascinating adventure goes horribly wrong, including inexperienced decisions, over-crowding, and a frightening blizzard. It depends on who you choose to believe to tell what happened, but it is a captivating spectacle that will enthuse the audience.

'Jungle' (2017)

Yossi Ghinsberg, an adventure/thriller film directed by Daniel Radcliffe, was released in 2017 and is based on a shocking true account from 1981.

A shocking decrease in Radcliffe's dedication to recreate Ghinsberg's horrific reflection is evident in this film.

'127 Hours' (2010)

James Franco plays Aron, a mountain climber who discovers himself trapped under a boulder while canyoneering alone in Utah. He must face all odds and bring his every survival instinct to the table in order to survive.

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This film is based on true events from a mountain climber named Aron Ralston. It is a heartbreaking account of what transpired from the brave man himself. It included many difficult decisions describing what Ralston had to endure in 127 hours.

'The Grey' (2011)

The Grey is an adventure/thriller film shot in 2011 by the legendary Northern Irish actor Liam Neeson. This film follows a group of six oil workers and a skilled huntsman as they crash-land in the middle of ice-cold Alaska.

Along the way, the team encounters many difficulties, including being hunted and followed by a pack of wolves. The only one left by the end is Ottway, who is freezing, starving, and tired, who is attempting to return home.

'Life Of Pi' (2012)

Life of Pi is a unique adventure/drama film released in 2012. He survives a terrible ocean accident and discovers that the boat holds a wild hyena, an injured Grant's Zebra, and an orangutan.

If you prefer to see it as that, it has an unpredictable conclusion and a beautiful narrative. The beautiful scenery eliminates the frightening situations they are facing.

'The Martian' (2015)

Matt Damon will play Mark Watney in the next sci-fi/drama film released in 2015. Mark is presumed to be dead and finds him stranded on Mars. He uses his time to think of unconventional, creative ways to communicate with Earth and survive.

This Martian was nominated for seven Oscars and received 40 nominations and 200 nominations. Mark starts a video camera to document his incredible, yet terrifying, journey to survive on Mars. He creates water and potatoes from rocket fuel and bio-waste from the rocket. It is a fascinating tale of a man's unique survival in space.

'Bird Box' (2018)

Sandra Bullock star in the film Bird Box, which became well-known among the people for its confusing, yet fascinating hidden meanings, which people still disagree with to this day. It follows a heartbreaking story where families are ripped apart due to an unknown event.

Malorie is attempting to take care of two children in the hope of reaching a rescue zone, all while being blindfolded. This film gives you a better idea of what's going on.

'The I-Land' (2019)

The I-Land is a crime drama series that was released in 2019. It follows a group of confused people who wake up on a desert island and must identify themselves, what happened, and what they will do next.

This series has an amazing plot that will leave you wanting more. The stranded group is very suspicious of each other due to the extreme mix of opposing personalities. Once the truth is revealed by the end, it sends shock waves down your spine.