Season 1 Episode 8 of 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin' Recap: Baby, Now We Have Bad Blood

Season 1 Episode 8 of 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin' Recap: Baby, Now We Have Bad Blood ...

Season 1 of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin is nearing its conclusion, and it appears like all the clues are guiding the liars one step closer to "A" and the serial rapist. In the meantime, "A" is now bothering Sydney (Sharon Leal), the last mother of the bunch to be addressed by the anonymous identity. Could she be the key to the liars discovering what happened to Angela (Gabriella Pizzolo) or does Crazy Joe (

"Bad Blood" describes the girls in the school restroom squeezing at the picture of "A" of their dead body in a bathtub. They then decide to continue their discussions until they discover A's identity and motivation. Noa (Maia Reficco), Mouse (Malia Pyles), and Faran (Zaria Simone) have agreed to assist their friends in implementing the strategy through their personal connections. Later that day, Sydney discovers a copy of The Scarlet Letter at her front door, which

Noa asks Marjorie (Elena Goode) if she can assist in DNA testing with the blood collected from the drive. This person, he says, would not be possible because many of his football teammates take medication before games to keep them energized.

Tabby intends to use her school film project to come to terms with her own traumatic experience, according to previous episodes. Mr. Smithee (Jeffrey Bean) isn't very open to it and asks her to have her mother sign a form stating that she would be okay if her daughter mentioned this topic in an assignment. Imogen talks with Kelly (Mallory Betchel) about her pregnancy and convincing her to collect blood samples from the boys in school to make sure everything goes according to plan

Faran has decided to re-visit her ballet production of Giselle as soon as possible. She then asks her ballet instructor to rescheduled the performance until the following year. He replies with a surprise name on her birth certificate. However, Mouse's father tells her in no uncertain terms to keep him.

The mothers are concerned that their daughters might be too enthused about Angela's disappearance. Given that Imogen appears to be the leader, Sidney listens to their conversations but keeps quiet. Later on, the mother discovers that Tabby kept video recordings of the boys' locker room on her computer, demonstrating A's point that "silence kills." After Tyler's father confronts Tabby about his son's disappearance, Tabby confesses to his mother about the bonfire party during their

Imogen decides to go to Angela's house and look for her deceased daughter's mother yet, what she finds are completely destroyed rooms and A's mask. Despite this, the liars decide to return to Crazy Joe in the hopes of threatening him to reveal all he knows about Davie's crimes, but they arrive too late. He has already killed himself and left Davie's yearbook as the last clue that he could contribute to their investigation.

The identity of A may be concealed beneath the grotesque mask, as Tabby learned from all of the horror films that she's ever seen. In Episode 8, we learn that Shawn lied to Noa about not taking prescription drugs for sports, and we also learn that Kelly requested Karen's request. All of these and more suspicious behaviors will be investigated during the last two episodes of Season 1.