Who's Who in the Idris Elba Survival Horror Film 'Beast' Cast and Character Guide

Who's Who in the Idris Elba Survival Horror Film 'Beast' Cast and Character Guide ...

Baltasar Kormakur's latest film is the American survival thriller Beast. The film follows a widowed husband and father of two teenage daughters, Dr. Nate Samuels, as he and his two daughters are being hunted and killed by a lion on the loose. The lion, which used to avoid a group of brutal poachers and killed several members of its pride, now sees all humans as the enemy and will do anything to kill them.

The film is directed by Ryan Engle and produced by Think Like a Man 2s Will Packer, alongside James Lopez and Jaime Primak Sullivan. Weve created this handy checklist, describing in detail the most important characters in this safari horror thriller.

Idris Elba as Dr. Nate Samuels

Idris Elba takes on a professional boxer in the critically acclaimed action thriller Beast. Nate Samuels travels to South Africa with his two daughters to visit their mother and late wife's reserve in Mopane, where he discovers a man-eating lion that is determined to kill them all.

Elba is well-known for voicing Chief Bogo, the uncompromising head of the police department in the animated Disney masterpiece Zootopia. Elba has also acted in several well-known films, including a certain Marvel franchise about Norse gods, including the 2013 biographical film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

Iyana Halley as Meredith Samuels

Iyana Halley plays Meredith Samuels, the oldest daughter of Dr. Nate Samuels. Meredith and her family arrive at the initial meeting point of her parents, then take a bloody turn when Meredith, her sister, and her father are hunted endlessly by a lion.

Iyana Halleyis an actress and producer who made her television debut in an episode of the 2013 television series Justice for All with Judge Christina Perez as Praty Holt. Soon after, she made her film debut as Bria in the film called True to the Game. Halleyis best known for her role as Bianca in the drama/crime film The Hate U Give in which she starred alongside Anthony Mackie, Regina Hall, and Amandla Stenberg.

Leah Jeffries as Norah Samuels

Norah Samuels is the youngest daughter of Dr. Samuels and the sister of Meredith Samuels. There is little information about this character other than images from the teaser. When Norah and her sister Meredith are attacked by a fiendish lion, she joins the struggle for survival.

Leah Jeffries is an American actress and model who has appeared in several commercials. She made her acting debut in the critically acclaimed Fox series Empire as Lola Lyon. She will play Annabeth Chase, the fan-favorite demigod hero in the Disney+ series Percy Jackson and The Olympians. She is also set to play the character in Something From Tiffanys.

Sharlto Copley as Martin Battles

Martin Battles, a long-time friend of Dr. Nate Samuels who manages the game reserve in Mopane, is set to play Sharlto Copley, who is also seen checking on a severely injured person who fell in front of their van in the teaser.

Sharlto Copley, a South African actor, producer, and director, is best known for his role in Neill Blomkamp's Oscar-nominated science fiction blockbuster District 9, in which he played Wikus van der Merwe. He is well-known for his futuristic short film Yellow, as well as his television role in PlayStation's streaming series Powers, in which he played Christian Walker, a murder detective. Other film credits include Maleficent, Gringo, Europa Report,

Mel Jarnson of Mortal Kombat will play a part in Beast, along with Damon Burtley, Robby MacIsaac, Billy Gallagher, Dorian Hedgewood, Amara Miller, and Anzor Alem, all of whom have yet to be confirmed by Universal Studios.