Picard's Final Season in Star Trek Affair With A Well-Known Voyager Character

Picard's Final Season in Star Trek Affair With A Well-Known Voyager Character ...

The last season of Star Trek: Picards will be released in 2023, and the pressure is on for showrunner Terry Matalas and the crew. Season 3 will bring back much of the cast of the popular series The Next Generation, and provide fans with surprises and unexpected surprises. Matalas almost succeeded in incorporating a well-known Voyager character into the narrative.

Terry Matalas discussed his work on Star Trek: Picard and the final season of the show, and that he spent three weeks attempting to incorporate concepts that might or might not make it into the final story:

Naomi Wildman isn't a spoiler because she doesn't happen. There was a time when they had to turn to a grown-up Naomi Wildman and it was a very, very intense three weeks in the room because it was a great story. And had you had 13 episodes, you would have done this one, and it would be worthwhile if you could pay for it. And so, that's hard.

Naomi Wildman was not part of the bridge crew in Star Trek: Voyager, but fans remember the shrewd Starfleet kid who often spent time with Neelix and Seven of Nine. It's unlikely Picard intended to reintroduce Naomi for a significant part of the adventure, and given her time with Seven (who will join Starfleet in Season 3), it's one of those unexpected appearances that would have had fans ecstatic after her return.

The Star Trek: Picard crew had to come up with a different approach to proceed. Terry Matalas explained that it's a common mistake to plan out a season, and how it's difficult to set anything in stone until you've defined the season's narrative from beginning to end:

I think the issue is: we know the moves, but what are some of the scenes that we desperately want to tell. Like there are little things. I wanted to bring back a Next Gen character, but I did not want to do anything that wasnt organic. So there's so much discussion. You can't begin your first script until you know exactly how the series finale will end.

Although it may be dismal that a character as Naomi Wildman did not make the cut, it's good to know that the Star Trek: Picards crew is still taking care in making organic cameos. Unfortunately, there can only be so many actors featured in the last season, and while it'll be nice to see Geordi La Forge and Beverly Crusher again, these returns came at the expense of losing cast members from the previous two seasons. Ultimately though, we're hoping that it live up to the hype

Seasons 1 and 2 of Star Trek: Picard are currently available to stream with a Paramount+ subscription. Season 3 is still a long way off, but there are still plenty of Trek shows planned for 2022 that will easily justify the price of a subscription.