Preys Mud Scenes Sound Like A Nightmare To Film (Even For The Predator)

Preys Mud Scenes Sound Like A Nightmare To Film (Even For The Predator) ...

Hulus Prey's critical reviews were fantastic, despite his spiritual predecessor. However, that does not mean that the film's development was the most enjoyable overall. The mud scenes for the sci-fi action film were a nightmare to film, including for the Predator.

The Comanche nation had to master a difficult task, using their abilities and luck, as well as face many obstacles on set, according to director Dan Trachtenberg.

Neverending Story was filmed on massive sound stages that we did not have. We dug a ditch and built a mud pit in nature, but as soon as a human entered it, the most terrible stench you could ever smell erupted. We had stunt performers, Amber [Midthunder], others.

Dane DiLiegro, a 6'9" former athlete who played the Predator, lost 25 pounds on the way. He also trained in martial arts for two months and worked with Iron Neck to train his neck for an insane Prey costume that required 13 pounds of the Predators head to sit on his neck. It's all of a sudden you've got to master your craft.

Of course, if you're filming scenes in mud, youre going to get dirty. Dan Trachtenberg explained another challenge that came from Prey's mud scenes: the timing of the scenes to ensure that the cast would appear clean and dirty.

Once you get in, you cant be cleaned again for a while. So we shot it over the course of a week of shooting, or 5 days, where we would do like all of the entrances. She gets cleaned, we regroup, and then we would shoot some night stuff in that scenario, around that set. The next day we come back and we would do all of her leaving.

Amber Midthunder, a prominent cast member who put in a lot of effort during the film, was given the role of a physical obstacle course. It's no wonder she believes she can defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger's Predator role due to her physical strength.

Prey's arduous mud and all of the other physical challenges it created demonstrate that these actors and crew members had their work cut out for them. If you want to see for yourself how these torturous mud scenes turned out in the final cut, you can get it from your Hulu subscription.