Garret Dillahunt and Martha Plimpton of Raising Hope on Reuniting For New Streaming Comedy

Garret Dillahunt and Martha Plimpton of Raising Hope on Reuniting For New Streaming Comedy ...

Raising Hope, a Fox sitcom, has been going since it was released, but that's not stopping the actors from collaborating on a new series that is created by Greg Garcia.

Plimpton and Dillahunt, who played Virginia Slims Chance and Engleburt Jebbidiah Chance on Raising Hope, have teamed up for the new genre-bending comedy Sprung on Amazons Freevee. Dillahunt explained why he wanted to do Sprung with Variety, and it all came down to having fun with Raising Hope and Sprung's creator Greg Garcia:

Barb, a Martha Plimpton type, was stated in an early draft, and as soon as you see her, you're like, Oh, this guy is so smarter than Virginia. It just works. She somehow gets away from herself in a way, but you absolutely believe whatever role she is doing.

Even though Dillahunt is reunited with an actress he shared the screen with for four seasons and over 100 episodes, the actor assured that they're not just playing the same kinds of characters. It turns out that this new show began with a conversation with Raising Hope's creator Greg Garcia during a summer of pandemic isolation because he wanted "to have some fun again." Plus, he had nothing but positive things to say about Martha Plimpton.

Despite her co-star's praise, the Goonies actress stated that she's extremely excited to get to work with him once more.

Garret is an excellent actor, who jumps right in, does it, commits, and is fully present and physically funny. And so it was really fun to just try on these new characters together, create this totally new dynamic with these new cast members who are fantastic, and it just felt super easy and breezy.

Dillahunt and Plimpton seem to be able to work very well together, so it seems like the stars aligned for Sprung are giving them the opportunity to make a comeback, no less, with Raising Hope's creator. Who could have imagined that Raising Hope would be able to be revived in 2022?

Sprung follows the story of prison residents who were freed due to overcrowding concerns. Garret Dillahunt portrays Jack, who was caught up in a pot bust, and Martha Plimpton plays Barb, one of the inmates' mothers, who also houses the low-level prisoners.

Shakira Barrera, Phillip Garcia, Clare Gillies, James Earl, and Kate Walsh star in the series, which will launch on Amazon Freevee on August 19, along with ten episodes for the first season.