How to Finish the A Hunters Cry Lighthouse Puzzle in the Sea of Thieves

How to Finish the A Hunters Cry Lighthouse Puzzle in the Sea of Thieves ...

The Lighthouses in A Hunters Cry are one of two core mechanics, the other being the lighting of braziers. Youll need to work alongside a whole crew or the random pirates who load into the instance with you.

Step 1: Light all Lighthouses and light all available braziers.

Your first objective should be lighting all the Lighthouses in the Twisted Sea Dogs Tavern zone, which is the main area of A Hunters Cry. There will be a lit one nearby. Gather the Flame of Souls, then light the braziers. This will unlock the entrance to the LIghthouse, so clear any phantom enemies and head up.

Once lit, the Lighthouse beam emits a powerful green light. Across from the East and North towers will be more braziers that can only be lit by the Lighthouse beam: these are the beacons. Lighting them opens up areas of the dock around the Tavern island and additional platforms higher up.

Step 2: Light all beacons on the Tavern island

Return to the main dock at the base of the Tavern and light five more braziers. All five must be lit in order to be able to unlock a door near the building. A seal will seal a capstan near the building, allowing you to open it and proceed up a tunnel. At the end of a tunnel, light it.

Step 3: Summon additional platforms

To make a bridge across the mountain gap, someone will need to be at the east Lighthouses. Use the green beams to summon ghostly platforms for the team.

The rest of the team will be able to cross the gap and climb up the mountainside. Eventually, the mountain crew will reach another unlit brazier near a lone cannon. Once lit, another beacon will appear on the right-side cliff face. As the mountain team progresses, another will appear on the left-side cliff face.