Season 14 of NCIS: Los Angeles: The current Hetty strategy

Season 14 of NCIS: Los Angeles: The current Hetty strategy ...

There are certainly a few loose ends to resolve as we prepare for NCIS: Los Angelesseason 14. For example, Kensi's relationship with Kessler. Also, the team's effort to locate Hetty.

Linda Hunt was MIA for the majority of this season, and in general, weve become used to only seeing her for occasional appearances over the past few years, partly due to the global health crisis, which has sent the 77-year-old actress away most of the time.

The intention is to go and rescue her at some point, and see what she has done.

We're just trying to figure out when we'll be able to finish that off. That was the intention last year, too, but it failed to materialize. Things are starting to settle down a bit, but things are just starting to settle down. Hopefully, nothing new will come along this year.

When it comes to bringing Hunts back to life, time is of the essence, as there is no guarantee that they will have a season 15. Do you want Hetty to be there for Callen and Annas' wedding? They both have a long history and a special bond. It would make sense for her to be there for Deeks and Kensi's wedding.

TheNCIS: Los Angelesseason 14 premiere will be broadcast on CBS in October, and more information about Daniela Ruah's directorial work may be found here.

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