Amouranths famous Twitch hot tub exploded and destroyed her streaming system

Amouranths famous Twitch hot tub exploded and destroyed her streaming system ...

Kaitlyn Amouranth Siragusas famous hot tub played a major role in her career. It allowed her to almost single-handedly pioneer the hot tub concept, which is still going strong. However, it's no longer with us.

Amouranth posted a cryptic tweet revealing something terrible about the event, causing fans to be concerned.

She wrote a separate post inviting fans to cheer her up. But after seeing the response from all of a sudden, she explained the situation.

My hot tub exploded and ruined my streaming room.

My hot tub exploded and demolished my streaming area. I'll post pictures as soon as possible

The star streamer's Twitch streaming system was a costly mishap. First and foremost, because hot tubs are expensive. However, it also ruined her primary source of income.

She did not explain how it all came about. However, hot tubs are nothing new. In 2014, one nearly destroyed a house, and in 2018, another killed a man with the explosion it launched.

Amouranth escaped unharmed. However, she will have a negative impact on her in the long run.

The Twitch star has still toiling away at the platform until she replaces all of her pool equipment. And it appears that postponing her retirement from the platform was a stroke of luck.

Amouranth also has other revenue sources, including several gas stations. So, shell slips on her own two feet. However, it does mean shell will be offline on Twitch for a while, although she hasnt said how long that will last.

Her absence from the site will leave a significant gap. July was a huge month for her, and according to TwitchTracker, August is on track too.