Mizkif is taking a step back from social media due to mental health worries

Mizkif is taking a step back from social media due to mental health worries ...

Matthew Mizkif Rinaudo, who plays Twitch, has decided to withdraw from social media after realizing how much his mental health was affecting him, and he believes Twitter is the primary culprit at the moment.

One of the greatest drawbacks of being a popular Twitch and YouTube star is having to deal with a lot of commentary and discussion about you and the things you do and say on social media. Social media use is linked to higher rates of mental health problems, and that rate increases tenfold when thousands of people are talking about you frequently.

Following the outcry over The Streamer Awards 2022, streamers are quite common to withdraw from social media usage. QTCinderella did it.

Mizkif has announced that he will do the same next week.

You know what makes my brain function so much better mentally? He said I have stopped using so much social media. This includes all of them. But the main one he was referring to was Twitter. The famous streamer said he's done with dedicating hours to sorting through tweets every day because none of it matters.

He added that he couldnt help but be awed of the things people say.

Mizkif went further and described it as the greatest waste of time, claiming that he is done going on there. He continued, confirming his position.

Mizkif has been open about his mental health difficulties before. He claims a lot of it has to do with the pressures of being a streamer, and at one point, he even considered resigning from Twitch.

It hasn't been to that. And, if stepping back from social media alleviates some of the pressure, it will help him stay on top of things and improve his well-being.