Who won HoH in Week 7 of Big Brother? (Split House)

Who won HoH in Week 7 of Big Brother? (Split House) ...

In the Big Brother 24house, who won HoH? It's simple to say, this Head of Household Competition is different due to the split house.

Here's a quick refresher: For the first time, there will be two parts of the game going on at the same time, completely separate from each other. They will presumably have their own HoH and Veto, and each side would likely be in a position to ruin the game in the first place.

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We expected that some of the HoH would be shown tonight, but instead, there was a ton of content in this episode that didn't matter anywhere near as much. Why is CBS insisting on suppressing some of this information?

With this twist, almost anything may happen strategically, especially since Kyle would probably choose Alyssa over several other individuals within his own alliance. On paper, Alyssa, Jasmine, and Terrance are the three most in danger.