Where is Indy Santos and Julie Chen's interview in Big Brother 24?

Where is Indy Santos and Julie Chen's interview in Big Brother 24? ...

Are you interested in getting the Indy Santos Julie Chen Moonves extended interview today following herBig Brother 24 eviction? If yes, we'd be happy to assist wherever we can.

The first thing that is 100% worth noting here is that the rest of the conversations with Julie and the evicted houseguests are going to be different, largely because they have to be. The host cannot divulge anything from the outside world that might impact jury voting, and the contestants may be more cautious with their goodbye messages. There is always the fear of a Battle Back, whether personally or professionally.

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With all of this in mind, we wonder how much insight Indy will have to share with Julie. While she was a part of groupings like the Girls Girls and the Five Swatters, we seldom think of either one of them as true alliances. Girls Girls had a few moments where it seemed modestly significant in the early going, but that was it.

The most significant role Indy has to play in the future is the first jury, who often sets the tone for the rest of the game. Weve heard her complain during the week that she would not like to go to the jury house, but we have a hard time believing that she will steer clear. It's basically you getting paid to lie around, watch movies, and relax while trying to determine who is most worthy of the grand prize at the end.