Tony the Tiger becomes the first mascot to become a VTuber streamer in GR-R-REAT

Tony the Tiger becomes the first mascot to become a VTuber streamer in GR-R-REAT ...

VTubing is a growing community on Twitch, with more and more virtual avatars establishing a niche for themselves in the streaming world thanks to their unique appearances, over-the-top personas, and the strong bond they have with their loyal fans and viewers. In fact, a popular cereal mascot has decided to become a VTuber themselves.

Tony the Tiger is coming to Twitch.

Frosted Flakes is collaborating with Twitch for a strange new collaboration that will see Tony the Tiger become a VTuber and will host a Tony the Tigers event on August 19th, called GR-R-REAT CEREAL BOWL OF GR-R-REATNESS.

This is the first time that a mascot has decided to become a VTuber.

Adam Harris, the global head of Twitchs brand partnership studio, says this innovative concept taps into the growing popularity of VTubing on Twitch.

However, you are GR-R-REAT! Don't know who needs to hear this today.

What is the GR-R-REAT CEREAL BOWL OF GR-R-REAT for Tony the Tigers?

We aren't too sure. Very few details have been released about the upcoming event, and it's still unclear what game Tony the Tiger will be playing. It'll most likely be a battle royale. Brennon GoldGlove ONeill, Chrissy Costanza, and Jakeem BigCheese Johnson will join the group.

Tony the Tiger will reveal his custom Kelloggs Frosted Flakes gaming system, complete with a milk-coolant PC, during the two-hour livestream.

Harris said: "We're developing a made-for-the-Twitch-community live experience that introduces a well-known Twitch streamer, encourages viewers to connect with Tony the Tiger in real-time in chat."

The Twitch stream will be available on Friday, August 19 from 5-7 PM EST. is available for viewing.

Tony the Tiger has been all over TikTok since February. 2022. So if youve ever wanted to see Tony the Tiger do a viral dance trend, here is your chance.