Is There a Showtime Night Out Tonight? Season 5 episode 9 talk

Is There a Showtime Night Out Tonight? Season 5 episode 9 talk ...

Is The Chinew tonight on Showtime? Is this a placeholder for season 5 episode 9 on the App?

Given where the story left off in episode 8, it is 100% understandable to want more, and it makes sense to anticipate another episode tonight, given that these weekly releases are something we are very familiar with.

There is no new episode of City on a Hill tonight, and Showtime is giving the Chia a week off, and episode 9 (titled Im Looking For a New Thing) is currently scheduled to air on Friday, August 26 on the app. (For Showtime TV viewers, it will air on August 28.) The reason for this is due to a movie premiere on the weekend; the latest episode of City on a Hillis is also on hold for a week.

The official Season 5 episode 9 synopsis allows you to know more about what lies ahead narrative wise:

Emmett and Kiesha discuss the day. Tiff opens up to Rob. Kevin is confronted by his parents after they discover a shocking discovery. Jake and Papas friendship is misery. Jada and Darnell make plans, while Douda makes a fateful decision.

Remember that this season has only two episodes left. Any changes from here will carry directly into the end, which we expect to be huge, emotional, and surprising in some ways. WhileThe Chitends slow-play certain storylines, they often do this so that you never miss the big revelations.