Recap of Big Brother: An Unprecedented Twist Formally Divides the House Who Are the New Household Leaders?

Recap of Big Brother: An Unprecedented Twist Formally Divides the House Who Are the New Household Le ...

There has not been a Head of Household reign as chaotic as Taylors this week since Big Brother 23s Frenchie was in power.

Taylor 1) considered putting at least one of her own supporters (Turner, in this case) on the block as a replacement pawn who would surely be evicted in the end. 3) used the verrry thin argument of a swiped trip to London to justify her targeting Alyssa.

Taylors week of power came to an end on Thursday night, and the houseguests' strategies were further harmed by a brand-new twist that split this one-hour episode into two for the next seven days.

MICHAEL TALKS IN THE DIARY ROOM ON THE VETO MOMENT | It appears that implosion has been moved up several weeks to right now, and he is not concerned with backdooring his own showmanship, and he doesnt think Taylors loss of Taylors London trip is a particularly good reason to get Alyssa out.

Kyles involvement in a lot of Diary Room discussions is causing him to annoy others, and no one wants to blast him for having more loyalty to Alyssa than to his own alliance. In one of the seasons stranger moments, Taylor pretends to be irritated by Kyles decision and yells, You were supposed to veto him afterward for dramatic effect. Jasmine and Alyssa fall for the drama, though it's an odd choice on Taylors part.

But here's something we can file under Expect the Truly Unexpected:Big Brother has actually dedicated a segment to Kyle's troubling comments of the past week; he has repeatedly implied on live feeds that he's worried about the BIPOC contestants joining forces and evicting the white players; and he's been trawling the mission statement of last seasons historic Cookout alliance to insinuate that this seasons contestants of color will inevitably all align.

After a strategy conversation with Kyle, Michael and Brittany discuss their dislike of two competing viewpoints that are even more based on race. (Kyle was inspired by Taylor, Monte, and Joseph when he suggested targeting those loud trio sooner rather than later) Kyle responds in a noncommittal way. (Well, they acknowledged it?)

EVICTION | After giving us more filler than a season ofThe Kardashians could, its the last time for the eviction:Indy is booted in a 7-1 vote, with only Michael throwing her a sympathy vote. In her post-game interview with Julie, Indy blames Taylor not but Kyle for her eventual eviction, citing his decision not to use the power of Veto to save her.

THE TWIST | And then, finally, Julie is able to reveal the Split House twist to the remaining contestants, who are absolutely thrilled to learn that two separate but simultaneous games of Big Brother will be played this week at the Dyre Fest. Each group of five will have one Head of Household and two nominees, while the pair that isnt on the block come Thursday night will cast just two votes; next weeks episode, to that end, will be a double eviction as each side loses one player.

The HOH competition is a knockout-style contest, with pairs of houseguests facing off to find a VIP sign in pictures of packed music festival crowds until only two people remain standing.Michael, as the actual champion of the game, will compete as the HOH for the Dyre Fest group outside, while Terrance will serve as the HOH for the Dyre Fest group inside.

Okay, it's your turn! What do you think about the Split House twist? Do you think The Leftovers will sail out of the week unharmed? Leave a comment below!