Why Does Blake Shelton, According to Voice Coach John Legend, Have Gone Soft?

Why Does Blake Shelton, According to Voice Coach John Legend, Have Gone Soft? ...

Since Legend joined the cast of The Voice in 2019, John Legend and Blake Shelton have been joking about losing a bit of their edge in a recent interview with E! News Daily Pop.

Shelton's co-star, competitor, and wife, Gwen Stefani, has told the outlet that he has been soft on us. Who did he blame?

When Gwen joins him, it strips a bit of his edge off, and you can tell, Legend proclaimed. Hes like losing country singers now. His competitive fire ishes a little de-fanged by Gwen being here.

Legend made the accusations in the usual friendly, jib-a-jib tone that all of The Voice coaches tend to dissuade each other in. But could there be some truth in what hes saying?

Is There Truth Behind the Joke?

Blake Shelton has shared a post on her Instagram account (@blakeshelton)

Shelton and Stefani had no doubt that she loved her. On her one-year wedding anniversary on July 3, the country star wrote on Instagram, "Happy Anniversary to the woman that makes my world go round." @gwenstefani, because of you, this year has been the best year of my life. Thank you for saying yes!

The pair has been performing love songs on stage and delighting fans throughout the country.

Is it possible that all those butterflies and rainbows that come from falling in love have actually lowered Sheltons competitive side?

Shelton told NBC Insider in July, "I never have to be apart from her." She is also one of the least competitive individuals I know. This is the greatest situation you can be in when competing with your wife.

Again, a joke. But Sigmund Freud believed: Every joke contains a grain of truth, according to Psychology Today.

Camila Cabello and a New Advisor were also discussed by legend.

The Voice (@nbcthevoice) shares a post.

Legend also commented on The Voices' new coach, Latina pop singer Camila Cabello, who was a mentor on the Legends team in season 21, and she impressed him so much that he recommended her as the coach to replace Kelly Clarkson.

Legend jested that he regrets his decision, saying, Uh oh, Im in trouble. She is extremely competitive, and she strives to keep it in as much as possible. It frustrates me.

Legend should have some help battling Cabello, Shelton, and Stefani, as he opened the interview sitting next to his newly announced advisor, Jazmine Sullivan. Sullivan is an American R&B/Soul singer-songwriter[who] includes Brandy, Kim Burrell, Lauryn Hill, and Mary J. Blige.

Legend told E! News that he is extremely excited to work with Sullivan: Im just so grateful that she is here to just tell us about her journey with our viewers, because so many of them are inspired by her.

Season 22 of The Voice will premiere on NBC on Monday, September 19, at 8 p.m. ET.