Were Both Chasing Our Dreams? A Bachelor Couple Heads in Different Directions

Were Both Chasing Our Dreams? A Bachelor Couple Heads in Different Directions ...

One recent couple from The Bachelor just revealed information that sparked concern among fans. Fortunately, according to what they revealed, there is no reason for their supporters to be concerned about this particular situation. However, many Bachelor Nation fans will be keeping an eye on this pair as things progress.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Echard & Evans Are Moving

Susie Evans (@susiecevans) has shared a post.

Echard and Evans moved to Virginia shortly after the completion of their season of The Bachelor. Things are looking to be going quite well for the couple, and they just announced that they would be moving to Scottsdale, Arizona.

Echard lived in Missouri for two years before his Bachelor's season premiered. He moved to Arizona where his brother lived until he could reveal his love for Evans. Soon after, he moved to Virginia Beach to be with her, according to Coastal Virginia Mag.

Echard explained that he and Evans are moving to different areas during their time on the Not Skinny but Not Fat podcast. He said, Were we all very happy right now and in a fantastic position, though, but we went through it together.

Evans & Echard Are Gonna Give It a Shot

Susie Evans' tweet was shared by Susie (@susiecevans)

We both were chasing our dreams, and I think location-wise, we both feel that those are the places we want to be.

Echard said, We dont know if it will be a month-long [relationship] from here or if it will be a lifetime, but lets just love each other and be thankful. Evans suggested that she move to Los Angeles where she could pursue career goals and visit on weekends.

On the podcast, he said, Bachelor fans might interpret this as bad news. She has her own desires and aspirations. And if it doesnt work, we'll move to the other person.

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Takakaya, suspense, terror, and piano and music box

Evans jumped into the comments section after another person suggested the couple's move was a soft launch, and she replied, Im a hard launch or nothing kinda girl. Not long after, Evans joined Echard to dub Zachary Reality's video with a bit of sass and fun, and she even included a casting couch. Fans do hope so.