In Tower of Fantasy, how do I get the Nemesis Simulacra?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do I get the Nemesis Simulacra? ...

The Simulacra in Tower of Fantasy are artificial recreations of the characters youll see in gameplay. These include Samir and King on DPS, Huma and Meryl on Support, and Cocoritter and Nemesis on Support. Nemesis and her weapon Venus are one of the most sought character/Weapon combos in Tower of Fantasy due to her kits power and utility.

Nemesis is currently limited

The only way to get Nemesis during the launch period of Tower of Fantasy is via the limited event Rebirth of Clemency. The event follows the same rules as the Standard Banner gacha system that uses Black and Gold Nuclei, except it has a unique currency called Red Nuclei that it uses outside of the standard pair.

Every ten Red Nuclei you spend has a very small (up to just 2%) chance of awarding an SSR Weapon, and in the Rebirth of Clemency event, every SSR Weapon pulled has a 50% chance of being Nemesis. As youre guaranteed an SSR weapon after 80 Red Nuclei spent on gacha pulls, you have a flat 50% chance of being Nemesis.

If you are unlucky and dont get Nemesis at the 80 pity pull, you may continue pulling in Rebirth of Clemency to try and get Nemesis back, or wait until you have 120 Flame gold and purchase her outright. For every Red Nuclei you have, you earn an additional twelve Flame gold, which you can earn if you max out all SR Weapons before doing any pulls under the limited event banner.