All VALORANT ultimate voice lines for all agents

All VALORANT ultimate voice lines for all agents ...

VALORANT's ability to use your ultimate ability correctly is essential to getting the most out of the game. Though some agents have more powerful ultimates than others, most of them, when used correctly, can turn the tides in a round.

Each ultimate voiceline helps players understand what is going on in the round and what to anticipate.

Some ultimate voice lines are intuitive to remember and difficult to miss, while others might be more subtle and leave players confused. Most agents in the game also have different voice lines depending on if they are on your team or the enemy team.

Here is a list of all VALORANT agents' ultimate ability voice lines.

Brimstone Orbital Strike

Brimstones' lines while deploying his Orbital Strike ability are fairly straightforward, and they also make reference to his military training and background.

  • Ally: Open up the sky!
  • Enemy: Prepare for hellfire!
  • If the ability kills multiple enemies: Deep fried!

Viper Vipers Pit

Viper has no voice lines for when she gets a kill in her ultimate, despite her usual somewhat shaky final. This may be due to a lack of sound cues, although she does lose sound cues in her ultimate.

  • Ally: Dont get in my way.
  • Enemy: Welcome to my world.

Omen From the Shadows

The Omens Scatter! voiceline is one that never fails to sway up the enemy team, sending them looking behind them, checking corners, and even returning into their spawn to see where Omen will appear.

  • Ally: Watch them run.
  • Enemy: Scatter!
  • If Omen gets a kill after using his ultimate: Boo, You thought you were safe, Behind you, or Look behind you.
  • If Omens ultimate cast is interrupted: Damn! or Teleport stopped.

Killjoy Lockdown

Killjoy is one of the most powerful agents in VALORANT to begin with, but she also has a slew of different ones depending on how many targets she holds in her Lockdown ultimate.

  • Ally: Initiated!
  • Enemy: You should run
  • If the ability detains no one: Area clear!
  • If the ability detains one enemy: Caught one.
  • If the ability detains two enemies: Caught two.
  • If the ability detains three enemies: Caught three.
  • If the ability detains four enemies: Caught four.
  • If the ability detains five or all remaining enemies: Caught five, or Got them all!
  • Detained enemy is killed: Fish in a barrel, Trapped and zapped! or Had some trouble?

Cypher Neural Theft

Many players reuse Cypher's basic ally and enemy voicelines over and over in their games. The infamous Give me a corpse! voiceline

  • Ally: Where is everyone hiding?
  • Enemy: I know exactly where you are.
  • No target in sight for ultimate: Give me a corpse!

Sova Hunters Fury

Both of these basic voice lines for Sova imply his ability as a hunter with a bow and arrow.

  • Ally: I am the hunter!
  • Enemy: Nowhere to run!

Sage Resurrection

Sage is the game's finest support agent, and her ultimate is one of the game's most powerful. Her voice lines demonstrate that she just wants to get her teammates back on track.

  • Ally: Your duty is not over!
  • Enemy: You will not kill my allies!

Phoenix Run It Back

Phoenix is one of the best-stylist agents, and his cries as he enters his Run it Back ability demonstrate his charm.

  • Ally: Come on lets go!
  • Enemy: Jokes over, youre dead!

Jett Blade Storm

Jetts' arrogance shines through in her aggressive ultimate voice lines. Her ultimate is designed to be five knives long if she get a kill. She suggests that she removes used knives from her targets corpses to use them again.

  • Ally: Watch this!
  • Enemy: Get out of my way!
  • If the ability kills an enemy: Give me those back.

Reyna Empress

Once Reyna gets going it's difficult to stop her. Another voiceline that can enrage terror in the enemy team

  • Ally: They will cower!
  • Enemy: The hunt begins.
  • If Reyna kills while in Empress: All mine, Oh, the rush, or More, more!

Raze Showstopper

Carolina Ravassa, a voice actor, writes out Razes Showstopper voice lines, although they are as varied as they are ever, as the high-powered ability itself.

  • Ally: Here comes the party!
  • Enemy: Fire in the hole!
  • If the ability kills an enemy: I blew you up!, Obliterated!, or Boom!
  • If the ability kills multiple enemies at once: You see that? or Oh, that worked great!

Breach Rolling Thunder

Sadly, our neighborhood Swede has very little experience with vocal lines for his Rolling Thunder.

  • Ally: Lets go!
  • Enemy: Off your feet!

Skye Seekers

Skye prefers to interact with her animals in general, so it is no surprise that her ally's final line is a dispatch to the Seekers she is sending out.

  • Ally: Seek them out.
  • Enemy: Ive got your trail.
  • If the ability finds an enemy: Found one!

Yoru Dimensional Drift

Yoru, another duelist with a bit of arrogance and swag, enters and exits his ultimate in style.

  • Ally: Ill handle this.
  • Enemy: Whos next?
  • Exiting ability: Im back.
  • Kill after exiting the ability: Miss me?, Im right here, or Looking for me?

Astra Cosmic Divide

Astra has a slew of other great voicelines and interactions with her coworkers, but their primary voice lines on the ally and enemy sides are quite basic.

  • Ally: World divided!
  • Enemy: You are divided!

KAY/O Null Command

When KAY/O gets knocked down while using Null Command, he certainly has a lot to say.

  • Ally: No one walks away.
  • Enemy: You are powerless!
  • KAY/O is downed while using the ability: I need a reset, System failure, Emergency reset required, Requesting manual reset, Critical damage, or Shutting down.
  • Rebooted after being downed: Back online, Core systems restored, Now, where was I?, Thank you, or Resuming your termination.

Chamber Tour de Force

Chambers Tour de Force is a brand new voice line that instantly sends chills through the enemy's spine. Stop peeking long!

  • Ally: They are so dead!
  • Enemy: You want to play? Lets play.
  • If the ability kills an enemy: Ooh, I like it, Oh Im enjoying this!, Beautiful, I love this gun! or This is too fun!

Neon Overdrive

Neon is upset about something, although she is sure she is mad, and she will zap you if you don't get in her way.

  • Ally: Here we go!
  • Enemy: Hoy! Im pissed!
  • If the ability kills an enemy: Die!, Dead!, or Zapped!

Fade Nightfall

All of Fades' final voice lines seem to hint to a deeper meaning and enhance her dark, mysterious personality.

  • Ally: Nightmare, take them!
  • Enemy: Face your fear!
  • If the ability kills a marked enemy: Im done with you, Inevitable, Contract complete, or Dream no more.